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Acne Cleansing Foam, 180

Acne cleansing foam for daily washing of rough, oily skin and skin with signs of acne.

ACNE hemp day cream, 30

Highly effective product designed for daily skin treatment in acne

Acne Hemp Micellar Water, 200

It is also designed to remove makeup, especially in sensitive areas of the eyes and lips, and regular application prevents the formation of inflammatory pimples

ACNE hemp night cream, 30

The complex of bioactive substances contributes to the regulation of excessive sebum production as well as cell proliferation and horn-laying in follicles

Acne Treatment Cream, 75

Acne cream is intended for daily skin care with acne symptoms and excessive sebum production.

Acne Treatment Serum, 5

Acne serum for the treatment and rapid sedation of acne during the day.

Atopos washing foam NEW, 180

Atopos cleansing foam for gentle, gentle washing of dry and sensitive adult skin.

CANNABIOX E active cream, 50

It helps to eliminate side effects and restore the healthy appearance of the skin very effectively

Capillus hair serum seborea, 40

Special hair serum Capillus seborea in a NEW package with hemp extract

Capillus hair serum with caffeine, 40

On appearance and condition, hair growth. Nutrition. With salt from the Dead Sea.

CBD 10% Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, 10

Hemp oil enriched with CBD (cannabidiol) extract is a unique dietary supplement